How to Choose the Right ERP Software for Each Company

Every day, the market becomes more and more competitive. Therefore, it is essential to have a business management system such as ERP software.

To understand what ERP is and what it is for, it is necessary to know its meaning, "Enterprise Resource Planning" is translated as Enterprise Resource Planning System.

In simple terms, it focuses on centralizing the operational flows of a company and automating them.

The following is an in-depth look at this tool.

ERP: what it is and what it is used for

ERP software is a set of information or business management systems, whose main objective is to integrate and automate all those processes that are developed in a company, through the same platform.

Having this type of system provides several benefits, since it allows a better planning of business resources, and helps the growth of the company that integrates it into its processes.

One of the reasons is that automating all existing data in a single place improves the flow of information security and enhances the time of each process.

Among other benefits provided by the ERP system are the following:
  • Remote access to the company's system.
  • Improved decision-making processes.
  • Reduction of time and costs in several commercial aspects.
  • Organization by customized modules.
In order to choose the right ERP system, it is necessary to be clear about the company's needs, and thus take advantage of each of the benefits it offers, depending on the plan chosen.

Once the objectives have been defined, it is necessary to go deeper into the types of ERP available to implement in the processes of the company or the enterprise to be enhanced.

Tips for choosing the best ERP

It is necessary to choose the plan that adapts to the business expectations and adjusts to the main needs of the company.

Some variables to consider:
  • Type of company and structure: the complexity of implementing the system and its cost will depend on the size of the company or enterprise.
  • Necessary functions: an in-depth analysis should be carried out to identify the areas that need to be improved. Being able to customize the modules will allow working only on those that need to be enhanced.
  • Use an experienced supplier: it is important to use reliable suppliers that ensure correct functionality.
Types of ERP: some plans made for your enterprise

It is not only important to implement ERP software, but it is also necessary to know some of the available system plans, depending on the structure and needs of the company:

Defontana Genesis: it is adapted to small companies and allows both optimization and automation of some of the processes, such as accounting, invoicing, and payrolls both remunerations and suppliers, etc.

Defontana Evolution: is designed for medium-sized companies. It contemplates all those needs required by a business in full growth. It automates and optimizes more complex processes, such as budgets, supply and commercial cycles, among others.

Defontana Sapiens: is the most advanced and complete option. It can optimize the most critical business processes. It provides total control of the company in real time, and allows access to critical business information, improving decision making.

To improve the processes of an enterprise or a company, it is essential to have IT tools that enhance each sector, to achieve the growth of the brand. For this, it is necessary to turn to a reliable supplier, such as Defontana, experts in business management.