ERP Software: 5 ways to optimize your sales process

Optimizing the sales process is a must-have ingredient for business growth and boosting revenue. ERP software allows us to integrate and manage everything from customer acquisition to order tracking, among others.

What is ERP software and how can it improve the sales process?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a business management system that integrates and automates information from different areas of the company, including sales, purchasing, production, logistics and finance.

Having an ERP system is a great help, because it centralizes information in the cloud and offers greater visibility of each stage of the sales process. This helps us make better decisions, realize any problems in time and, in general, be more efficient.

5 ways to optimize the sales process with ERP Software

The market is becoming increasingly competitive and making sales is vital. This is happening in the midst of the digital transformation of companies in Peru, which already exceeds 56% of them.

If we want to be productive and competitive, we cannot ignore the advantages offered by an ERP system to help us achieve our sales goals.

1. Centralization of information

One fact we cannot ignore is that sales executives are often forced to spend up to 50% of their time on routine and unproductive tasks.

With an ERP we can avoid these problems by providing them with immediate access to valuable information in a central platform, this includes:
  • Contact data.
  • Purchase history.
  • Preferences.
  • Previous interactions and more.
With this information, our executives can identify sales opportunities more easily.

2. Customer management

Given the wide market offer to attract and retain customers, we must consider that, according to studies, 80% of people believe that the experience provided by a company is as important as its products and services.

The centralized information of this solution helps us to increase sales and offer a better quality of service, by segmenting and analyzing customer information to use personalized sales strategies.

3. Inventory control

According to a survey by Stitchlabs, in 67% of the cases, inventory errors lead to customer loss.

An ERP Peru provides us with real-time information on product availability, allowing salespeople to know at all times what stock is available.

4. Order management

This software streamlines the process of creating, approving and tracking orders, increasing on-time deliveries by up to 24%.

This gain in punctuality is key in the sales process, as it increases customer satisfaction and improves our company's image.

5. Sales analysis

One of the main benefits is the possibility of generating reports in just a few clicks. With the tools integrated in an ERP we can obtain reports directly.

These allow us to:
  • Identify trends and patterns in inventory turnover to increase sales.
  • Optimize customer segmentation.
  • Generate sales forecasts.
Improve your sales process with Defontana's ERP Peru

There is no doubt that we are talking about a system capable of making a difference in the sales process, distinguishing us from the competition and providing us with relevant data to obtain and retain customers.

Of those available in Peru, Defontana ERP software stands out for being comprehensive, since it includes, in the same platform, advanced functions such as inventory control, sales report generation, customer management and more. Check it out!