Efficy, the CRM solution that adapts to any business

Efficy is a CRM for SMEs and companies, in general, of any size. Of Belgian origin, although multilingual, it is a well-known system outside our borders, although its presence in our country has been very discreet. Until now. In recent weeks there have been rumors indicating that it would be interested in acquiring SumaCRM.

Regardless of whether the future holds a merger of two very powerful CRM systems, we have decided to make an analysis of the current Efficy

The essence of Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM is a great assistant for any company where customer service is a strategic point. Companies sell and those who buy are the customers, therefore, putting the focus on them is opening the door to growth and business sustainability.

Some basic highlights:
  • Efficy presents very flexible solutions that adapt to the requirements of different companies. Any company, small or large, finds in Efficy an excellent ally to integrate it into business processes, teams and projects.
  • The database is unified and shared with all departments. The system easily stores texts and multimedia elements, such as photos, sounds, videos. It is open and collaborative.
Efficy works with all departments and areas of the company.

A particularly remarkable feature of this CRM is the possibility of managing departments in a linked way. Everything that happens in one is shared with the others.


Integrates complete and organized customer databases, facilitates the conversion of leads into potential customers.

Monitors the entire commercial operation. From the creation of the quotation to the signing of the transaction, it does not miss any detail or opportunity. This enhances decision making at the right time, so that business is successfully concluded.

Enables user mobility. Wherever and whenever you are, it offers a 360º view of customers.

The software automates repetitive tasks and frees salespeople from work so that they can focus on high value-added actions.

  • Manage marketing strategies through e-mails and tracking of web visits.
  • Increases lead acquisition, segments registered customers and highlights business opportunities.
  • Links the marketing and sales teams, favoring the best use of resources.
  • Generates reports and analytics, essential for the permanent adaptation of the strategies used.
Customer service
  • It facilitates the handling of calls, complaints, after-sales service. Manages mails, calls, e-mails, chats, social networks and forums.
  • Manages requests based on different configurable criteria: urgency, type of customer, type of support or contract.
  • Links to the web. Monitors visitor navigation.
Management and Direction
  • Efficy is presented as an intelligent business solution useful for Management. The Director or Manager can monitor customer relations and intervene if necessary.
  • It allows the monitoring and assessment of team performance and generates graphs to visualize the status at any time.
Efficy integrates and links all the company's development axes. It ensures maximum team performance.

How much does Efficy cost?

There are several options to suit different needs. The price varies depending on the functionalities.
  • Enterprise. This is the initial plan, although it is very complete. 55 per user per month.
  • Premium. It also integrates a powerful project management system. 70 per user per month.
  • Corporate. E-Deal. Optimizes all CRM functions with maximum power. 85 per user per month.
Customer service and support

Efficy offers different customer service and technical support channels.
  • Website: The CRM is presented in detail on the company's website.
  • Customized training. Efficy offers customized training for users.
  • Free demo. It is possible to request a test run of the program.
  • Attention via WhatsApp, with a response within 48 hours. Or by phone, from Monday to Friday.
  • Social networks: Efficy is present on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It responds on the networks and presents the company's news.
  • YouTube: Its YouTube channel shows videos of the use of the CRM (although there is no material in Spanish).
  • File library: Supposedly in this section we should find several resources but currently there is only a guide on marketing.
What do Efficy users think?

Most of the opinions you will find on the Internet are from foreign users due to the fact that Efficy is not very well established in Spain at the moment.

On Efficy's Facebook page you can find some reviews. With a rating of 4.5/5 it can be confirmed that their customers are satisfied with the product.

The flexibility and functionality of the software are highly valued features; managers and directors consider that they have absolute control over all the company's operations.