OptimaSUITE, the CRM tailored to the needs of Sales and Technical staff

OptimaSUITE is a business management and support software that offers a CRM for SMEs customized to the needs of each client. The company has been working for many years in the sector to provide added value to its customers. And it does so by using a tool that supports the mobile work of its employees.

OptimaSUITE's various functionalities are designed to improve the efficiency of a company's resources. The CRM allows sales and technical teams to organize their work, reducing time and avoiding wasted resources.

OptimaSUITE Features

OptimaSUITE offers two solutions that focus on the sales department and technical service.
  • SALES. This is a CRM for sales management designed to increase the productivity of the sales area. The company states that it is a CRM "Designed by salespeople, for salespeople".
  • SAT. A CRM for those companies interested in offering technical assistance at home. The software facilitates the work of maintenance or repair personnel by providing them with a tool that they can use on the move.
Here are some of its functionalities:

Customer management

The customer management tool is very complete and powerful. It allows you to classify and organize customer and company files based on different criteria. In addition, the program uses geolocation to obtain data on nearby companies and shows them on a map.

Salespeople can manage visits, check purchase history, access documents before a meeting, etc. While technicians will have access to work orders, user incident history and technical information about the machinery.

Team leaders

Until now, the main disadvantage of mobile work was the difficulty for the manager to coordinate the operation of a workforce that spends part of the day away from the company.

One of the great advantages of OptimaSUITE is that it reports the work of the team in real time. Through the agenda you will be able to visualize the tasks of each employee and their status. You can also assign any work order. You will be able to keep track of the activities carried out under your responsibility and make the necessary decisions to improve the functioning of the group.

Document library

A document library provides a secure place to store files that can be easily found and accessed from all devices at any time.

With OptimaSUITE you will have a space where you can save, create or share documents in any format: contracts, product catalog, warranties and even photos you take with your smartphone.

In the cloud and on your mobile

OptimaSUITE can be used online from any device, so it works regardless of the operating system you have.

One of the new features of the program is OptimaSUITE Touch, an app for both Android and iOS that synchronizes with the desktop version. Plus, since it works in the cloud, you won't have to worry about installation or maintenance.

Other OptimaSUITE features
  • Digital signature: your employees will no longer have to carry "papers" with them to be signed by customers.
  • Opportunities tab: to keep track of leads and their status in the sales funnel.
  • Integration with VoIP systems.
  • Definition of user roles and access permissions.
  • Control of time spent on each technical intervention.
How much does OptimaSUITE cost?

The program offers a free trial that can be requested by leaving your contact details through the web. Once completed, you can choose between different pricing plans with no commitment of permanence.

Report and Orders: these are the two basic options for the commercial area. Each one has a price of 15€ per month if the payment is annual or 18€ if the fee is paid quarterly. Both have essential options for salespeople, so it is advisable to opt for the Advanced plan, which we will see below. They differ in details such as, for example, that the appointment calendar is only available in "Report"; and other functionalities such as order management, digital signature or product catalog are integrated in the "Orders" plan.

Technical: includes the basic modules for technical assistance. The monthly fee is 15€ if you pay for the whole year or 18€ if you prefer to pay quarterly. You will not have access to the agenda module, essential for organizing your work, nor to the document library (although you have a pay-per-use option).

Advanced: all the functionalities of OptimaSUITE at your disposal with this plan. In addition, you will have reports and personalized support. The fee is 22€ per month for annual payment and 25€ for quarterly payment.

Customer service and support

A technology company not only has to have a presence in social networks, it must also make use of them. OptimaSUITE takes advantage of all available channels to communicate with people interested in your product and with existing customers.

WEB: there you will find information about the program and its benefits in the commercial and technical area. They also have a contact form.

Telephone: information through the number 902550424. You also have the option on their page to request a call.

Mail: you can write to the email account info@optimasuite.com

Demo: a test run of the program by one of their experts. It can be requested through the web.

Blog: with numerous entries in which you will find plenty of tips for implementing marketing strategies.

Social networks: profiles on Facebook (with numerous videos), Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.