Capsule, the CRM of strong links

What is Capsule CRM?

Capsule CRM is an online software that unifies all the information about the company's contacts. Profiles, data, emails and transactions of each person and other companies with which there are links, are concentrated in one place. This provides a complete overview of everyone, without having to resort to spreadsheets or other sources of information.

The system streamlines links and meets users' expectations. With one click, the company can visualize the contact's situation and anticipate their needs.

What benefits does Capsule bring to the company?

It is a tool that relieves the tasks and tensions of contact and customer management. It provides a panoramic view of the information available on people, companies and other organizations with whom you are negotiating. It therefore reduces the risk of error by providing secure information.

What can you do with Capsule CRM?

To summarize, these would be its basic features:

Contact management
  • It is possible to locate and use the history of transactions with customers and suppliers, regardless of the time elapsed.
  • It allows you to add observations that mark valuable milestones.
  • It groups sent and received mails, classifying them.
  • Manages tasks based on contacts.
It favors the internal communication of the company, since it allows attaching files and sharing contacts with the whole team.

Agenda and calendar
  • Capsule CRM has a calendar that provides a complete view, on one screen, of your scheduled tasks.
  • The use of different colors to classify different types of tasks makes it easy to view. If color-coded signage works for you, Capsule has it.
  • All details and remarks can be added to each task, so that nothing is forgotten or left to chance.
  • The system links interconnected tasks with contacts or cases. It allows the configuration of weekly, monthly or yearly recurring tasks, which will be triggered automatically.
Capsule CRM 'leads

In any company there are probably typical cases, events that are repeated step by step. It is possible to set up such routines as 'tracks'. When prompted, Capsule CRM will trigger the 'hints' to apply to the situation. For example, if a sales strategy has been successful, each step of the strategy can be configured as 'hints'. They will be activated one after the other so that they all kick in and the strategy works.

Sales flow management

Capsule CRM supports the tracking of sales opportunities. It makes it possible to visualize when an intervention will benefit the business.

The software makes it possible to visualize and track sales as they progress.

Intelligent reporting

Using data analytics, Capsule CRM generates reports with sales cycle data and activity statistics. Fundamental for decision making.

Customization according to each need

Capsule CRM allows you to create custom fields, tags, processes and lists. In this way, it adapts to the work system of each company.

Capsule Mobile App

Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets, the Capsule CRM app for Android and iOS allows you to stay linked to the system from anywhere.

What is the price of Capsule CRM?

Capsule comes in three versions, which have been designed according to business needs.

Basic - A plan with a free CRM for 2 users.

Professional - 12 € per user per month (for small teams).

Teams - 24 € per user per month (for growing companies)

More information about the pricing plans on their website.

What do users say?

The reviews left by users on specialized sites are generally quite positive, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. The most positive aspect of the CRM is the user experience, while the limited functionality of the free plan is one of its weaknesses.

Capsule CRM: final opinion

Capsule CRM meets business needs in the area of contact management and presents a good price/performance ratio. The limitations are occasional and do not affect the performance of the system.

Rating: 9/10

  • Classification of contacts by companies, people and business opportunities.
  • Integration with multiple systems: Mailchimp, Zendesk, G suite.
  • Ease of use.
  • To export contacts you have to export the entire database.
  • Very limited free plan: 250 contacts and 10 MB of storage.