TOP 10 POS Software | Best POS Software for Retail, Shops & Hospitality

Controlling sales, product stock and customer or employee data is essential to achieve efficient management in our company, whether it is a store, store or other type of business. In this article we will explain and analyze in detail the POS software and the 10 best programs currently available on the market.

Point of Sale Management through POS Software What does it consist of?

Commercial management is an essential component of any company operating in a competitive market, ensuring proper allocation of resources and helping to improve profits.

A POS software is a computer program that, with the help of different devices, automates tasks such as inventory tracking, payments and accounting of the company, with the aim of streamlining and optimizing the management of sales in stores and stores.

Typically, the POS program is installed on a computer, or the software is accessed through a laptop connected to the cloud that workers use to interact with customers and process business transactions.

Best POS Software: Our Top 10 of 2024

POS software is a tool that not only affects the efficiency of daily operations, but also has a direct impact on sales. Therefore, its choice should be approached seriously and taking into account all the features that the system must have.

1. Glop

Glop is a retail POS software with a visual and intuitive user interface. It is an omnichannel and multi-store tool.

It processes sales from both physical and online stores, synchronizing data from different locations through a control panel in the cloud.

This POS program has a module for email marketing campaigns, with offers and discounts aimed at customer loyalty, obtaining immediate information on the impact of the results.

A version for catering companies is also marketed, allowing them to design the menu card, place online orders or manage tables through an Android application that speeds up the taking of orders.

Product sheet: Glop

2. Pikotea POS

POS software for hospitality with Self-Ordering module. It is presented with a practical, easy to use and attractive design, with several configuration options to suit the needs of the business.

With the Self-Orders, customers will scan a QR code, and will access to the interactive digital menu with full details, being able to place orders and proceed to payment. In addition to increasing sales, it allows streamlining processes by offering a service at the table, for pick-up or home delivery.

Pikotea is a cloud-based solution, compatible with any touchscreen device, which helps the hotelier to control and monitor multiple locations and collects real-time information on all key metrics for the business.

It highlights the optimization of resources. Thanks to the mobile commander, and the software's kitchen screen, the room is effectively managed by organizing orders according to priority and notifying of their preparation.


3. Tec Commerce

POS software for stores that combines the features of this type of solutions with the functionalities of invoicing programs, including the issuance of invoices and tickets, stock control or reports that provide a real picture of the state of the business.

It facilitates the operation of the store by being able to register in the database detailed information of the items that make up the catalog of the establishment. Products can be added to the point of sale with a bar code reader and organized by colors, sizes, etc.

Tec Commerce is a POS program that, optionally, offers the hiring of an online store synchronized with the physical store to process sales and perform the cash closing through any channel.


4. Agora POS

Agora is a POS software with exclusive versions for companies in the retail sector, restaurants and stores; an online program that has its own app for cell phones.

It incorporates advanced functions such as the time and attendance solution, which records the working time of employees, or the integration of CCTV security cameras with the store.

With regard to the POS program for the store, it has a module for inventory management, with the possibility of specifying sizes and colors, designing labels and configuring offers.

It also has options for customer loyalty, purchases from suppliers, sales tracking and automation of the cash closing process.


5. Waiter10

Complete program for the hospitality sector that integrates an online ordering service, digital menu and applications to have a complete view of the business.

Camarero10 is a flexible cloud-based POS software adapted to the needs of those companies looking for a customized development for the sale of their products, with the possibility of using different devices such as commanders or kiosks.

Controls and manages invoicing, warehouse stock and expenses through the central purchasing module that allows quick access to supplier data.

A solution that simplifies the accounting process by accurately reflecting sales with real-time graphs and analytics.


6. Catinfog Point of Sale

Simplicity and ease of use, this is how Catinfog defines its POS software for commerce and clothing stores with functionalities for warehouse stock control, sales, returns and cash counts.

This is an advanced POS program that works in the cloud and can be managed from any compatible device, whether a computer, printer or barcode reader, without the need for installations.

It includes an online store, configured for users, which is synchronized with the POS software, unifying articles, invoices and offers in the same database.

It provides information and statistics on commercial transactions and sales. In addition, it allows for productivity comparisons of vendors and cashiers.


7. Numier

Numier is a touch-screen POS software specialized in sales management within the hospitality industry (bars, cafes, restaurants or nightclubs).

It facilitates the organization of the business through an online solution with features that include stock control, supplier information or customer sales tickets.

It has a wristband to register the entry and exit of employees. It is based on a proximity system that allows the identification of personnel and their access to the company's cash register as long as permissions have been granted.

It stands out mainly for the complete ecosystem of applications that complement its proposal: PDA to take orders from Android devices, Cash to connect the software with the intelligent cash drawers, etc.

Product sheet: Numier

8. Hiboutik POS

Spanish solution for stores with online accessibility, which allows to manage the stock, customers and warehouses of multiple stores.

Hiboutik Point of Sale easily keeps track of the number of available stock and communicates, through alerts, the out-of-stock items in the store.

The POS software displays detailed information and data on the business situation, identifying areas for improvement. It also breaks down income and expense items in the company's accounting.

With respect to sales, users can easily add items, record payments and issue invoices via email from any mobile device.


9. Hosteltáctil

Remote management POS software oriented to the hospitality sector that is responsible for carrying out a comprehensive management of the establishment including administration and customer relationship.

A point of sale with a complete dashboard with visual representation of the articles, access to the organization of tables and kitchens and issuance of reports. In addition, the system can be complemented with the necessary hardware.

Hosteltáctil manages the business thanks to the back office module, an area of the program from which it is possible to edit prices, open and close the cash register or control access permissions.

It also offers marketing solutions to gain visibility on food delivery platforms, as well as online reservations to increase sales in the store.


10. Unicenta

Unicenta oPos is a free and open source POS software that offers a wide range of features and benefits.

Available in Spanish, it can be installed on various terminals with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems, making it a versatile POS for companies of all sizes.

It incorporates functionalities such as sales analysis, customer management and product catalog. A program that has a range of configuration options to adapt it to the needs of each business or store.

In addition, it is constantly updated with new modules and improvements thanks to a large community of users.

Web: Unicenta

With the help of POS software, businesses automate the billing and data processing processes, thus obtaining accurate information on sales that results in better decision making at the business level.

Conclusion: How to find the best POS software for your business?

As we have seen, there are many POS systems on the market, some oriented to stores and stores and others valid for hospitality. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. If you need help finding the best POS software for your business, our team is here to offer you free advice. Contact us via chatbot or contact form and we will be happy to help you.