The importance of ERP software in decision making

The use of ERP software represents a great help in the objective of increasing the performance of our company by facilitating the possibility of making better decisions. In this article, we will know the main keys of this tool to make our actions and strategies more precise.

ERP software: a solution to optimize our company's performance

Studies indicate that, after the pandemic, 94% of SMEs in Peru have invested in technology, a fact that reveals the enormous relevance that digital solutions have achieved among organizations to optimize the development of their activities in recent years.

One of these tools is related to the ERP Software or Enterprise Resource Planning System, which, through different functions and applications, allows us to control and automate the processes of different areas of our business such as accounting, finance, supply chain and human resources.

In addition, if our ERP program is scalable, it can be easily adapted to the particular requirements that may arise in our company as time goes by, such as its growth, thus promoting its better operation and organization.

Finally, one of the main features of this solution is the existence of different types of ERP, either, for example, according to their installation model or functionality, therefore, we must define which of them best suits our needs.

How does an ERP program help us to optimize our decision making?

Companies such as Peruvian SMEs have a clear direction, 96% of them make or consider basing their decisions on data. We cannot be left behind and one of the greatest benefits of an ERP solution is related to providing us with valuable information that we can extract from the data recorded and processed by this tool in a centralized way.

By having access to reports and data in real time of our operations, this platform offers us the necessary resources to:
  • Prevent problems.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Make more accurate predictions.
  • Design more effective strategies.
This has an impact on different areas of our company, allowing us to improve organizational performance, regardless of our industry or size.

What results can we achieve?

In a highly competitive, dynamic and demanding market, the use of any of the available types of ERP is of great value by allowing a comprehensive and objective view of our business through the analysis of reports. This allows us to:
  • Correct defects in our operations.
  • Efficiently coordinate the work of the teams.
  • Optimize communication between different areas.
  • Reduce operating expenses (about 11%).
  • Streamline administrative processes
In this way we can achieve the objective of achieving better operational, commercial and financial results in our organization. This facilitates better management and the development of ideas and plans to increase the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

ERP Peru solution: get to know the software offered by Defontana

Among the ERP Peru solutions, Defontana stands out for having a tool that integrates all areas of a company, with 24/7 connectivity from anywhere and maximum information security.

Through this tool, we can automate, for example, your accounting processes, payment of salaries and suppliers in business. We offer you a scalable solution and 100% in the cloud, which makes it easier to install and operate as it does not require additional equipment.

In this way, through our ERP Software, we have the opportunity to significantly improve the decision making and performance of your organization to achieve greater success in the market.