Why is Mobile CRM important and what are its benefits?

Why Mobile CRM is important

The mass migration of Internet users from PC to mobile devices is global and universal. The proportion of Internet traffic coming from mobile devices grew from 1% in 2009 to 52% in 2018. And it continues to grow.

This changes the way business is done. Both users and customers expect information to be available and updated in real time, not "when you get back to the office."

Your sales teams need immediate access to the latest business information from their co-workers and your customers expect a mobile first experience.

The promise of mobile CRM is twofold, including not only mobile access to data, but also - and more importantly - the ability to use your CRM system as a platform on which to build your entire mobile strategy, from customer-facing branded applications to service and support.

Selling on the go - the mobile CRM generation

Introducing a mobile CRM into your sales operations can mean a drastic change in procedures for the better. Your sales staff can update and synchronize information on the go, sharing data in real time. Daily sales-related administrative tasks are freed from the office, so a salesperson carrying a tablet or smartphone can do the following:
  • Plan the day with calendar integration.
  • Access and update leads, contacts and opportunities
  • Open and share files
But today's mobile CRM platforms can do so much more. Add cloud storage to the mobile CRM functionality and you no longer have to sync data to a local copy, but instead have access to live, centrally stored information from any device you choose. Teams can share files and information and can update, share and send proposals on the go.

Custom applications can enter information directly into the customer module in the CRM. Each salesperson has the advantage of having complete CRM data, analytics and customer-facing material on any device, allowing them to spend more time on sales and less time on administrative tasks.

Mobile Campaigns

The shift to mobile does not involve one platform, but several. Your customers use whatsapp, mobile apps, email, mobile browsers, location-based services, and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Mobile experiences are becoming the norm and are what your customers expect to see. Your CRM system can integrate with smart devices and social networks to deliver amazing, personalized customer experiences.

"To work efficiently in this world, marketers must accept one fact: mobile is not a channel, it's a platform."

Expert answers, anytime, anywhere

Using CRM tools to manage and track customer service activity already makes sense, and adding a mobile dimension brings even more benefits. Combining mobile CRM with social CRM gives you a whole new range of functionality. Your customers can contact your company wherever and whenever they want, and you can track, manage and respond to each case with the full power of your CRM platform.

A mobile CRM platform means instantly and easily escalating reported incidents directly to the right expert, product manager or executive, regardless of their location. You can implement 24-hour coverage for urgent queries and respond on the same platforms your customers use, without losing information even if they switch from one channel to another.

Benefits of mobile CRM

An investment in a mobile CRM platform can generate organization-wide benefits far beyond the advantages of a traditional CRM. As mobile reach and usage continues to grow, your customers are everywhere.

Sales: gain efficiency savings, reduced administrative overhead and availability of shared data from the cloud.

Marketing: you can engage with customers in a whole new way, creating personalized experiences and tracking social media activity with familiar, easy-to-use tools.

Customer service: you can log cases faster, track and resolve them using knowledge from across your organization.

Informatics: you get a complete development platform for mobile apps, with built-in integration to your back-end CRM system.

As mobile reach and usage continues to grow, your customers are everywhere. A Mobile CRM allows you to be there too.