Logistics and transportation software: The best TMS to improve your logistics business

Currently, any technological advance in a company (large, medium and/or small) is key to its proper functioning. No matter how small a company is, applications and software are responsible for organizing the work to optimize it and thus create a positive flow in the various departments that make up that entity. Transport and logistics companies are a clear example of these technological advances since, in addition to e-commerce, the needs of society itself have made the issue of logistics improve significantly by leaps and bounds. In this post, we are going to give you the essential keys to choose the best TMS and logistics software for your company.

Transportation software: what it is and how it works

Not all companies need this type of software. For companies dedicated to the distribution of goods and warehousing is absolutely essential because thanks to these softwares it will be possible to minimize the work and maximize the favorable results for the company that has them.

Do you know what TMS and logistics software is? We tell you all about it. These types of tools are programs that provide necessary solutions to transportation companies (sea, land or air), to companies that export and import products and to everything related to the product supply chain.

These programs have a clear objective: to streamline operations and improve the company's logistics system. Thanks to them, there is a clear reduction in errors and a considerable increase in efficiency. Therefore, they are tools that will improve the loss of time and, therefore, of money.

Logistics applications: features and functionalities

Logistics software must present a set of basic features and functions for the business success of a business related to the field of transportation of goods, shipments, deliveries, receipts, etc. The main functions of a TMS and logistics software are:
  • Management of vehicles and means of transport
  • Inventory, product and raw material management
  • Radio frequency identification of goods
  • Packing or packaging of products
  • Purchasing and ordering
  • Control of the supply chain, distribution, incoming and outgoing goods
  • Transportation and internal management
  • Defining and monitoring workers' tasks
  • Warehousing of goods
There are more features but the main ones are the ones we have reflected in these points. With these features, your transport and logistics company will function correctly and minimize work and possible errors.

Freight control software: keys to choose it

The incorporation of a freight forwarding software is a common feature (more and more) for logistics companies. Thanks to advances and new technologies, these programs are simple and accurate, increasing a company's productivity. Due to this incorporation in the companies, the operators and managers of these departments will optimize all the processes that are within the logistics distribution chain at a low cost.

Every logistics company has different needs. In addition, both their objectives and methods of operation are different, so each program will be more valued by some companies than others. Before choosing the best software for freight control and planning, we have to evaluate some essential keys:
  • Ease of use for all workers (manager, operators, carriers, etc.).
  • It should be quick to configure and not be influenced by the number of units.
  • That the freight forwarding software or program can work in sync with other devices such as drivers' smartphones without the need to add other expensive devices
  • Provide ability to estimate delivery times with a good degree of accuracy
  • Provide real-time monitoring of vehicles to make timely decisions at the right time price
  • Ability to calculate the distance from the logistics center to the various delivery points
  • Design the most direct routes and link to common delivery points
  • Detect possible alternative routes and analyze conditions affecting transport (traffic, weather, road conditions, possible obstacles, etc.).
In short, the best freight control software will allow you to maximize the performance of your distribution logistics and increase your customer satisfaction. This will increase your sales rates.

Transport management system: the success of any logistics company

Companies have always been committed to offering their customers professional logistics systems because, to a large extent, the success and positive image of any organization in this field depends on its logistics side. Having a transportation management system is very important as they play an essential role in supply chains (from planning to logistics and life cycle). If everything is planned correctly, the customer will be satisfied and more sales will be generated, so companies will grow in turnover and image.

Transportation management systems are used by companies that need to move, ship and receive goods on a regular basis. This type of work falls to:
  • Distributors
  • E-commerce companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Logistics companies, third-party and fourth-party logistics companies (3PL and 4PL) and logistics service providers (LSPs)
  • Retail companies
A good transportation management system (TMS) will be able to benefit any company when it comes to planning, executing and optimizing the movement of goods. Let's look at each point developed for you to choose the best TMS.


A TMS will be able to select the best shipping mode, the best carrier and the best way to optimize expenses in relation to distance, shipments, volume, etc. It will also be able to provide relevant information regarding current trade regulations, customs, delays, etc.


The execution functions of transportation management systems can vary, so a good TMS will provide tracking and tracing services facilitating real-time communication between carriers, distributors, warehouses and customers.


Thanks to a good TMS it will be possible to optimize logistics work such as the ability to measure and track with reports, perform transportation analysis and intelligence, dashboards, etc.

TMS optimization capabilities generally include the ability to measure and track performance with reports, dashboards, analysis and transportation intelligence.

A transportation management system (TMS) offers distinctly favorable benefits for any logistics company:
  • Cost reduction (for the company and for the end customer).
  • Automation of business operations (fast and accurate invoicing and documentation)
  • Freight tracking on a single platform (local and/or global)
  • Simpler supply chain processes
  • Increased security and time savings (fewer delays and faster delivery)
  • Ability to increase business (targets are met)
  • Increased business awareness (compliance with export and import regulations minimizing penalties and delays on every shipment made).
Freight forwarding software: the best on the market

There are free freight forwarding software but we are going to show you the paid ones since they offer more professional functions for quite affordable prices and without margin of error, which will favor your company significantly.


This transport and logistics software (TMS) will easily adapt to all companies in the sector. It is excellent for fleet management. You will be able to optimize all processes thanks to its multiple functionalities such as:
  • Excellent transport control up to the delivery address
  • Streamlines and avoids errors in picking
  • Control, tracking and management of stock, incoming and outgoing goods in warehouses.
  • Cross-docking function (manages goods according to their recipient)
  • Radio frequency scanning
  • Manages deliveries on behalf of third parties.
  • Optimizes the management of routes, vehicles and loads.
  • Automates invoicing, collection and payment processes.
This software is suitable for large, small and medium-sized companies. You will be able to reduce costs and optimize all your work with agility.

Mecalux 3PL

One of its main functions is the advanced management of stock in several warehouses, the visualization of processes and processes initiated with customers. This logistics software is focused on customer satisfaction, making it ideal for improving your customer service image.

The main features of Mecalux are:
  • It offers a warehouse management software.
  • Easily manages the logistics of a multi-warehouse company.
  • Easy and convenient stock traceability
  • The operator controls in detail the logistics of its customers such as the control, custody and management of their products.
  • Real-time information
  • Manage shipments through different transport agencies.
Minimize errors and increase the performance of your system for a satisfied customer and high profitability.


This is a software for logistics and transport with different modules such as management of vehicles, drivers, trailers, orders, distribution, loading, etc. It also handles data management and fleet maintenance.

IBM Enterprise Content Management

This is a perfect software for proper transportation management facing points like globalization, consolidation, more flexible supply chains, better security, etc.

Its main features include:
  • Capture and retain documents and communications that occur throughout their lifecycle.
  • Accuracy and timeliness in the publication and implementation of policies, forms, documentation, procedures, etc.
  • Collect paper documents electronically at the point of entry

This is some of the best transportation management software on the market. It can work with both service providers and transportation companies. Some of its main functions are:
  • Ideal tools for intermodal transportation.
  • Integrates financials with management processes
  • Automates the bidding, execution, monitoring and installation processes for freight transportation.
  • Synchronizes orders to meet customer demands on time.
  • Monitoring and tracking of goods
  • Plan the best routes for deliveries (economize)
  • Generate reports to make timely decisions
SAP is perfect for large companies as you can quantify the available fleet as well as keep track of freight transportation and other aspects (calculate moving costs, track each vehicle, etc.).

Elfos Software

Thanks to this TMS organized by modules, your company will achieve a 40% increase in warehouse capacity and a 70% increase in productivity. Elfos Software specializes in transportation, logistics and distribution.

Features at a glance:
  • Warehouse management tools
  • Label and packaging printing.
  • Batch management
  • Delivery routes
  • Personalized support (training courses, phone and/or e-mail)
  • Reliable and secure tools
  • Permanent updating according to legal and regulatory developments
  • Printing of necessary documentation
  • Route and distribution planning (location and interaction with the vehicle fleet)
  • Batch management and stock control

It is a TMS software divided into five modules that can be integrated among them. Among its main features BeOne offers us:
  • Cloud Service and Software that allows to be used anywhere and on any device (tablet, smartphone, etc).
  • Thanks to this TMS software you can manage operations in land, sea and air sectors.
  • Control the operations in warehouses and movement of goods
  • Control accounting management (customs operations, document management, radiofrequency, electronic archiving, etc.)
  • Build customer loyalty

This TMS software focuses on distribution because you will be able to obtain good profit margins while remaining competitive in the market.

The main benefits of Exact are:
  • Reduces costs (intelligent stock management)
  • Facilitates mobility (own server and/or private cloud)
  • Generates reports and notifications tailored to your needs.
  • Avoids errors in the transmission of information
  • It groups logistical, financial and administrative processes.
If you want a TMS that updates in real time the status of inventory, orders and/or returns, Exact is your TMS software.

Logistics and transportation software: conclusions

As you have seen, your company needs a transportation management system (TMS) in the cloud to improve and minimize costs and achieve a fast return on investment (ROI). Automatic updates, security, control and convenience are all part of your logistics company's success through a TMS in the cloud. Transportation management systems must improve by leaps and bounds to meet the needs of every customer.