Advantages of using software for payroll management in your company

One of the unavoidable tasks for companies is payroll management and all that it entails. It is a slow, complicated task that requires qualified personnel and in which mistakes cannot be made. Many opt for outsourcing to handle this area of great responsibility. Others opt for the services of a management software such as Sage 200.

This program is especially indicated for those companies with more than 40 or 50 employees. It is also for those businesses that have qualified personnel, specialized and dedicated to payroll management. If up to now you have been managing your company's payroll in a traditional way, I advise you to give it some thought and rethink the situation. In Sage 200 you will find relief in a very short time. You can get great benefits and advantages of its use, in addition to improving the performance of your company and the effectiveness of all your payments. If you do not know how it works, this post will explain in detail what it consists of and the services it contains.

What is Sage 200 and how does it work?

Sage 200 is also known as Sage 200 Cloud and it is a comprehensive management program, which also takes care of various business-related issues and of course, payroll.

Although its functions are expected to be useful for all types of companies, it is designed primarily for small and medium-sized companies that focus on the manufacturing, distribution and project sectors. In general terms, it is estimated that its system can support up to 100 recurring users and is very useful for companies with up to 200 employees. Given that one of its strengths is the management of daily tasks in the workplace, it is to be expected that Sage 200 Workplace also has great functionalities focused on payroll management.

Thanks to such functionalities, it is possible to simplify payroll processing and all the legal obligations that are related to this process. Thus, you will have a faster and simpler calculation of salary costs. It is also possible to combine this with other financial aspects such as accounting and financial control of your company.

General features of Sage 200

Sage 200 allows you to manage the entire labor life cycle of the company's employees, from the registration and sending of affiliation and hiring data, through the control and monitoring of the most common incidents such as salary variables, temporary disabilities or absences, and ending with all kinds of payroll calculations such as arrears, extra pay or advances.

Sage 200 performs all payroll calculations with updated or retroactive data, providing a structured and transparent information system with the main office automation tools on the market. Here are some of its features:
  • Calculates and manages employee payrolls as well as payments, advances and arrears with a wide possibility of salary configuration.
  • Solution adapted to the Direct Settlement System.
  • With the security and peace of mind of being updated to current legislation thanks to the Live Update system.
  • Covers companies and employees of multiple Social Security contribution regimes.
  • Performs open management with the solution: multi-year, multi-company, multi contribution center and multi agreement.
  • Allows for payroll and cost simulations
  • Performs payroll calculations and modifications "on screen" to be able to modify and adjust payrolls directly.
  • Management of Contribution Centers, Work Centers and up to 5 analytical levels that allow to distribute costs by analytical distribution.
  • Manage employees and the company in a simplified way with a Single Employee Code that integrates the different periods of registration and/or activity of the worker, offering at a glance the exhaustive control of the work periods and their historical categories and prices.
  • Quickly find the information you need to consult thanks to the Employee Information Center that centralizes all the information related to the employee.
  • Management of standard and customized employee Alerts and Notifications
  • Email delivery of payroll and all types of reports
  • Facilitates the management of legal obligations of your company with the completion of settlements and their integration with official bodies (Social Security, Direct Settlement System...).
  • It is linked to the most commonly used office applications.
Sage 200 Compatibility

The following is the compatibility of a program designed to fit with other applications:
  • It is ready to connect with HCM solutions for Time & Attendance and Sage 200 Employee Portal, which allow you to communicate with your employees in a more open, close and efficient way.
  • It can be integrated with the specific Sage Human Resources module for job management, selection, training and evaluation of employees. You can also extend your solution with other value-added and productivity modules.
  • You can also extend your solution with other value-added and productivity modules such as:
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements module: to automatically download and incorporate into your Sage 200 Payroll solution, the national, regional or provincial collective bargaining agreement applicable to your company.
  • Traceability module that provides visibility of the detail of the payroll results, payroll simulations, income tax and arrears regularization, management of calendars per employee to have in one image, the annual calendar per employee with the monthly detail, type of days, etc.
  • Cret@ Extra module: to be able to manage from a single process center all your communication obligations to complete the settlements in the Social Security Direct Settlement System.
  • Subsidized Schools Module: designed to offer specific solutions for the labor management of subsidized schools.
  • Document Management: integrated with the Sage 200 BMS, you can also have document management functionalities for the automatic archiving of payrolls, employment contracts, employee certificates and all the documents required.
  • Business Intelligence so you can build your own analysis and have access to numerous predefined analyses specifically designed to obtain labor management information.