7 benefits of an ERP with a mobile platform

Today it is possible to manage an ERP from a smartphone. Incredible, isn't it? It's not as complicated as it seems. It is simply a version of ERP offered by the most robust vendors on the market. Have you ever wondered why limit yourself with desktop computers? Below, I'll tell you about the main advantages offered by MBA3's mobile ERP:

Standard Executive Dashboard

1. Strategic decision panel

Especially for those of us in management positions, having a comprehensive mobile management tool is essential for making strategic decisions, which can be made both in and out of the office.

MBA3's mobile ERP has allowed me to access the company's most important information at all times, from bank balances to outstanding accounts, as well as details of sales, customers, executive data and everything I need to make the right decision when necessary.

2. All the information in real time

One of the great advantages of this system is that the information will always be updated in real time, so decision making is based on accurate data that reflect the real situation of the company.

Customer data, inventory information, sales, fixed assets and orders are part of the information that you can access from your cell phone, offering constantly updated data.

3. Full control of the system

The MBA3 system administrator has allowed me - at all times - to monitor, manage and block users, keep track of available disk space, monitor the size of the database, reset passwords and manage the various users, either to delete, add or modify access permissions.

4. Mobile Inventories

In my experience, one of the most interesting features of MBA3 ERP is that its mobile platform has the Smart Store functionality, through which you can have full control of the stock.

From any mobile device, you can serve your customers with detailed catalog information, specifications and related products. It also allows you to scan a barcode with your phone and access all the information about a specific item, and you can even add items to the shopping cart and save your customers from waiting in line at checkout.

5. Mobile sales

This is an indispensable tool for the sales force, as it allows them to access all the necessary information when visiting customers.

Addresses, inventory stock, details of each customer and the possibility of placing orders in real time are just some of the possibilities.

6. Geolocation of routes and salespeople

MBA3 ERP's mobile platform is perfect for a total, real-time visualization of your sales force.

By tracking routes -through maps updated in real time-, travel times and monitoring the stops made by salespeople, it is possible to have permanent control over your salespeople and company vehicles.

7. Real-time manufacturing

Production processes are also covered by the MBA3 ERP mobile platform. You can keep track of production and manufacturing orders, the status of deliveries, and even any observations that may be made from the plant. All from the comfort of a mobile device.

As you can see, the use of a mobile ERP like MBA3 can bring great benefits for your company, which translate into considerable savings -by having total control of your company and resources-, and in a better quality final product, improving the relationship with your customers and, therefore, the profitability of your company.