Citrix makes new cloud regions available in Germany and the EU

With new regions, Citrix is ​​expanding the regional availability of its own cloud services. The new regions are aimed primarily at the stricter data protection guidelines in Germany and Europe. Now there are new regions in Germany, France and Spain.

Previously, Citrix's cloud services were available worldwide. However, due to regional characteristics, many customers in these countries could not switch from an on-premise installation of Citrix solutions to the cloud. That should change these new offers.

The cloud provides benefits for users, because they do not have to worry about the care of the product, the administration of the hardware and also do not need to build a special infrastructure and thus are also much more flexible.

In the future, users can decide whether they want to use US or EU regions for their solutions. However, according to Citrix, it is not possible to move the data between these different regions.

"Citrix will continue to add new cloud regions to serve the likes, policies and needs of our global customer base," commented Charles Kielt on a blog . Also, further linguistic localizations are planned.

However, these regions are not separate datacenters, but correspond to boundaries within which the services will be provided from Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Google data centers , which has just commissioned a new data center in Frankfurt .

In many cases, the location of the data center is not critical for customers. "Regardless of which Citrix cloud service region is selected, all customer data is stored in a resource location that is entirely under the customer's control," the vendor says. Citrix can not access the data at any time, or move it to different regions. This will give Citrix another layer of security for the data.

There are now two Citrix cloud regions worldwide: the USA and Europe, and four languages ​​are now available. For ShareFile Storage, Citrix now offers 19 zones for XenMobile Services, totaling 7 zones. For NetScaler, Citrix offers 12 Gateway Points of Presence. However, not all services have dedicated instances. In the EU Zone, for example, App Layering, Smart Tools, Labs Services and NetScaler Services are also offered from within the US region.