AWS Expands Cloud Instance for SAP HANA to 4 TB

Amazon Web Services introduces the new x1e.32xlarge instances. The special feature of this new service is that AWS makes 4 terbytes of dedicated DDR4 memory available. This can also operate in-memory databases.

Many users already use the previous version x1.32xlarge in order to use SAP solutions, according to Amazon. With the new service, however, users can process even larger amounts of data. This also allows SAP HANA databases to be executed in the cloud.

These new instances will be available in the US East, US West, Asia Pacific and EU (Ireland) regions. These new EC2 instances can be purchased or reserved through the AWS Marketplace, Management Console, CLI, or through SDKs.

These 4 TB instances are part of the AWS X1 services offered for in-memory and high-performance workloads. In addition, these X1 instances are certified for SAP HANA. Anyone who already uses X1 for SAP can easily scale, Jeff Barr promises in a blog . This was introduced by AWS about a year ago. In the medium term, the service provider wants to increase the capacity to 16 TB .

In the new SAP version, SAP Business Suite on HANA (SoH), SAP Business Warehouse on HANA (BWoH) as well as the new ERP unit S / 4HANA and the warehousing solution BW / 4HANA are certified for use on AWS. But other technologies like Apache Spark or other resource-hungry applications are also supported.

The new instances, like their predecessors , run on the Xeon E7 8880, and also include a pair of 1.9TB SSD drives, 14Gbps network for the EBS Storage, 25Gbps connections to other instances in the same group.

AWS is not the only cloud provider with in-memory instances. IBM currently supplies 8 TB with Blumix and up to 192 cores with 8 Xeon E7-8890.