Apple and Android device enrollment from the cloud

Cortado Cloud allows a largely automated rollout of mobile devices and applications. Mobile Device Management ( MDM ) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) are also possible with the new solution.

Thus, in a few steps, the establishment and commissioning of mobile devices in the company should be possible. Even apps, e-mail, WLAN and VPN can be rolled out and managed largely automated, according to providers with Cortado Cloud. In addition, the solution offers security features such as policies, data encryption, deletion functions or password locks.

Because users do not have to operate their own hardware thanks to the Cortado Cloud offer and no knowledge of mobile device management is necessary, especially small and medium-sized companies can benefit from this offer. The solution is provided by a German server and is subject to strict data protection according to the provider.

A Cortado Cloud Account can be booked from ten users and is available from 5.50 Euro per Nuzzzer. To try out the service can be used for 7 days for free.

The Cortado company, which emerged from Thin Print, offers enterprise mobility solutions. The central product is the Cortado server , which enables secure management of mobile devices and apps and access to the corporate network. Cortado Cloud is the SaaS version of Cortado Server. The cloud storage Teamplace has also been part of Cortado's portfolio since August . Teamplace is open to entrepreneurs, freelancers and private individuals.